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Financing Prem Rawat
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Wikipedia Distortion
Rawat's followers exposed
Exploiting Gandhi
Lord Mayor's Appeal
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Welcome to a site that seeks to provide an incisive critique of the current promotional activities pursued by Prem Rawat and his various organisations, such as The Prem Rawat Foundation and Words of Peace Global (WOPG).

Financing the Promotion and Lifestyle of Prem Rawat. Only a small proportion of the finances that are used to promote and support Prem Rawat are open to public scrutiny, the direction of those funds are revealing.

Exploiting Gandhi:
The lengths that Prem Rawat’s followers will go to ensure that their master’s veneer of legitimacy  is maintained has been revealed to include arrant duplicity.

Wikipedia: How information about Prem Rawat is excluded from the “biggest free-content encyclopedia” and just what it is that you will not find in Wikipedia articles.

Commentary on the Lord Mayor's Appeal.

Prem Rawat: An examination of his philosophy and rhetorical technique.

Narrative on Prem Rawat's continuous ambition of Spreading the Knowledge

Prem Rawat and his supporting organisations present themselves as being concerned with education, spirituality and philanthropy, however the promotional activities that they pursue are unusually aggressive in comparison to the common standards of the "not for profit" sectors in which Rawat and his organisations seek to operate.  In the light of this unusually aggressive stance, Prem-Rawat-Critique places a particular emphasis on the legal and ethical aspects of the promotion of Prem Rawat.


Prem Rawat's Elan Vital organisation has twice employed the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (USA) against websites that carry information that Prem Rawat and his supporters consider to be damaging. In 2003 the Ex-premie organisation site was served with a DMCA notice and in 2005 Elan Vital, Inc. (EVI) slapped a DMCA notice on the hosting company for (PRMI) resulting in that site being forced off-line. PRMI's hosting company accepted that the DMCA notice submitted by Elan Vital was groundless and. PRMI was summarily reinstated A further notice against  was submitted by EVI, which as in the earlier Ex-premie organisation case EVI declined to pursue. Further details and commentary of this action by EVI can be found here.


Prem Rawat and his supporting organisations are concerned to ensure that individuals who become involved with Rawat's "teaching" should not subsequently offer public criticism of Rawat or his organisations. Issues of free expression, promotion of stigma and institutional obfuscation are dealt with in an examination of Rawat's promotional device The Keys .


The promotional effort of Prem Rawat's supporting organisations in recent years has been focussed on the Legitimacy Project a key aspect of which has been a concerted attempt to link Prem Rawat with the United Nations


Any success of the  "legitimacy project" would be undermined by suggestion of financial impropriety, Elan Vital is engaged in a re-presentation of at least one of the many strands of the fiscal history of the Prem Rawat movement.


Prem Rawat is just one of many ‘gurus’ who became popular in the 1970s, Rawat’s claim to a unique selling point was the unremarkable mediation that he calls Knowledge. Rawat’s main activity is in selling the idea of his Knowledge, the philosophy and the techniques Rawat uses to make his sales pitch are revealing

Further articles are in preparation.

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