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Rawat and his followers have a high level of anxiety about mental illness, TheKeys follows an established pattern with the Clause # 5 :

"I understand that some unresolved mental and emotional health problems may interfere with the ability to make choices related to asking for, practicing, and enjoying Knowledge. As far as I am aware, I am free from any conditions that would impair my ability to ask for, practice, and enjoy Knowledge."

The publication of such a clause promotes the position that 'any and every' mental or emotional health problem may undermine the ability of an individual to 'perform' as a meditator. Those suffering from any kind of mental and emotional health problem are cast as lepers, unfit to enter into Prem Rawat's enlightenment of Knowledge.

The attitude of Prem Rawat and his followers, to psychological and emotional distress has been on public display for sometime on the Elan Vital websites :


Prem Rawat, Elan Vital and The Prem Rawat Foundation can not claim ignorance of the legal implications of TheKeys agreement that they seek to impose on participants - the past use of lawyers by Prem Rawat and his organisations shows familiarity with the legal process. The action by Strook, Strook and Lavan was copied to key Rawat advisor Charles Glasser of Bloomberg Media while high profile MoFo Associate Alvaro Pascotto is a member of the TPRF Board.

It is difficult not to conclude that it is a tenet of Rawat's teaching that psychological and emotional distress are an insurmountable handicap to achieving inner happiness.

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