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Prem Rawat has built his 'mission' on the avoidance of clarity. Rawat's claim that what he offers is unique, is untrue, his teaching is just a stripped down version of the Radhasomi tradition of Northern India. The meditation techniques, now classified by Rawat as the Sixth Key, and only a taught by him after someone has watched 70 hours of his indoctrinating speeches, are widely available elsewhere; they are described in detail on the following web pages:

1. Ex-premie website

2 Mike Finch's website

3 Prem Rawat Maharaji Info website

Anyone who is considering practising any form of intense meditation is referred to the potential dangers described here.

Prem Rawat claims that listening to his orations prepares an individual in some unspecified way, such that when they are eventually taught the techniques something ineffable occurs. Criticisms of Rawat's 'preparation' are made by  Mike Finch and at the Prem Rawat Maharaji Info website.

There is no mystery about the meditation that Rawat teaches and the peculiar beliefs of his ardent supporters are just another example of the phenomenon of 'cult following'. TheKeys are the latest in a long line of devices designed to give credibility to the negligible teaching on which Rawat has built his fortune.

It is true that Rawat does not receive payments from the Charities that operate in his name - he does however receive expenses that meet the cost of thousands of dollars per night hotel rooms and the leasing of a $45 million jet for his exclusive use. Payments for TheKeys are not requested but Elan Vital and the other organisations that support Rawat collect millions of dollars every year, the use of which is almost completely hidden from public view.

The apparent cost-free nature of TheKeys is a cynical slight of hand. At the outset a promise is demanded from every participant that they will 'keep in touch' with Rawat by attending events at which he speaks. Seat charges at such events have typically been in excess of $100 over the last three years and the database of participants maintained by Rawat's organisations is a key tool in Rawat's fund raising efforts.


"The second promise that I ask for is to keep in touch. Keep in touch with me through my message, through the practice of Knowledge. Come to my events. Come and hear what I am saying. Let me help you remove your doubts. Let me help to inspire you, clarify and remind you again and again what is important, so you can continue to grow."

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