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The following are from TheKeys web site as of 30/04/05

TheKeys Agreements

The following fundamental agreements are required from each person before a Personal Access Number is issued. Please check the boxes on the left if you agree.

  • I have watched the video, "An Introduction to the Keys."
  • I am at least 18 years old and of legal age in my country of residence.
  • I am able to make my own conscious choices to enter into this process.
  • My participation in the Keys process is completely individual and voluntary. I can discontinue my participation at any time, with no consequences of any kind.
  • I understand that in Key Six, the session where the techniques of Knowledge are taught, Maharaji will ask me for three promises: to give the practice of Knowledge a fair chance; to keep in touch with him for inspiration and guidance; and not to reveal the techniques to anyone, so that each interested individual has their own chance to go through the preparation process.

TheKeys: Prem Rawat's Demands

Before I give you Knowledge, I will ask you for three promises. The first one is to give Knowledge a fair chance. Itís important for me to know that you are going to give Knowledge a fair chance, not just say, "Now I have it." Some people receive it, and they have certain expectations. Get rid of the expectations, and you'll have something better. If you are going to give Knowledge a fair chance, you have to approach it with determination to let the seed grow.

The second promise that I ask for is to keep in touch. Keep in touch with me through my message, through the practice of Knowledge. Come to my events. Come and hear what I am saying. Let me help you remove your doubts. Let me help to inspire you, clarify and remind you again and again what is important, so you can continue to grow.

The third promise I will ask for is not to reveal these techniques to anyone. Let other people go through their own journey, and when they are ready, like you, they can get it. There are no shortcuts to it. There are shortcuts to many things in life, but there is no shortcut when the heart is going to be the judge. The heart cannot be talked into anything. The mind can be convinced, but the heart has to feel the real thing. Let people prepare. Then they, too, can have the techniques when they are ready.

TheKeys Terms and Conditions

I understand that the material on this website is private and proprietary, through copyright and/or common law rights, belonging to The Prem Rawat Foundation ("TPRF") and its agents and assigns. I understand and agree that by accessing this material I am entering an agreement that I will not copy, redistribute, or publicly display anything on this website or on any discs obtained through this website.

I also understand and agree that my purpose for accessing this website and any related material is limited solely to my personal interest in Maharajiís Knowledge, and by agreeing, I expressly waive any rights I may believe I have in terms of creating commentary, research, or any other "fair use" purposes.

I also agree that, should my interest in learning the techniques of Knowledge change at any time, this agreement is perpetual in length, and that upon such change, I will return any such material to The Prem Rawat Foundation.

I understand that by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, I will be given a password and user ID, which I agree not to disclose to any third person for any reason.

I understand that the practice of Knowledge does not prevent, cure, or treat any medical or mental illness and does not prevent the recurrence of any illness once it has been treated. I understand that some unresolved mental and emotional health problems may interfere with the ability to make choices related to asking for, practicing, and enjoying Knowledge. As far as I am aware, I am free from any conditions that would impair my ability to ask for, practice, and enjoy Knowledge. I agree to the Terms and Conditions, and that I am being given permission to access the material contained (on this website), but that this permission can be revoked. TPRF reserves the right to issue/delete Personal Access Numbers and access to this website at its own discretion and without notice. I also understand that if I breach this agreement, I may face legal penalties and agree that such legal disputes can be resolved in the Courts of the State of California. I also understand that if I breach the Terms and Conditions, I may be liable for damages and attorneys fees.

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