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Arrogation of the Name and Position of the United Nations

Prem Rawat and his Public Relations team - which incongruously appears to include the Charitable The Prem Rawat Foundation - can not be accused of lacking ambition. Having set out to repackage Rawat as a 'world authority on peace' they have targeted the most potent international symbol - the UN.

Beginning with the September 2002 event in Bangkok the 'peace' image of the United Nations emblem has been appropriated for the Rawat cause, photographs of Prem Rawat with the UN emblem behind him taken at the Bangkok event have been used frequently in material promoting Rawat. A DVD of Rawat speaking, with the UN emblem prominently featured  - Peace Needs to Be Felt (Copyright© 2002-2003, The Prem Rawat Foundation) is marketed by The Prem Rawat Foundation, the packaging of this product features the UN emblem. Such misuse of the UN emblem is prohibited by decision of the UN General Assembly and by Internationally adopted Law.

In 2004 Prem Rawat was able to extend the association of his 'brand' with the United Nations by having an event at which he was to speak, presented under the umbrella of the UNESCO backed Universal Forum of Cultures. The Prem Rawat Foundation Press release sought to associate Rawat with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and United Nations program principles. To drive home Rawat's 'connection' to the UN the release went on to say:

At the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok, Thailand, he expressed, "Peace needs to be in everyone’s life. ............................"

Most recently, Rawat's Legitimacy Enhancement team have excelled themselves by appropriating the name of Kofi Annan. Although Rawat was speaking at a private meeting it appears that the connections of those involved, who included Malaysian politicians Tengku Ahmad Rithauddeen and Dr. Ian Chia, allowed organisers to present Rawat as somehow a contributor to the process of reorganising the United Nations. It was the reorganisation process that was the subject of the UN General Secretary's letter, which The Prem Rawat Foundation was so eager for Prem Rawat to be associated with - hence their 'headline' United Nations’ Kofi Annan sends best wishes for event with Prem Rawat. There is no evidence that Prem Rawat has ever contributed in any way, to the activities of the UN.

The Rawat Legitmacy Enhancement operation is a cynical and manipulative Public Relations 'scam' - it is based on duplicity and misrepresentation. When extended to the United Nations it takes on a perspective that most reasonable people would describe as 'corrupt'.

Prem Rawat's attempt to appropriate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is grotesque. Rawat's Australian Elan Vital organisation, via its IRCC subsidiary filed the first ever Anton Pillar 'search and gag' order against a journalist - a direct challenge to Article 19 of the UDHR.

    Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Further, Rawat's Internet based meditation marketing programme TheKeys employs a clause which if applied would contravene at least five separate articles of the UDHR.

The role of The Prem Rawat Foundation in this cynical promotional exercise is especially disturbing given its 'charitable' status, a status that appears to be used to add authority to the Rawat Legitimacy Enhancement project.

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