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Wikipedia Distortion
Rawat's followers exposed

Prem Rawat – What Wikipedia will not tell you.

Wikipedia, the online ‘user generated content’ encyclopaedia carries articles about Prem Rawat and the organisations that support him. Due to the limitations under which Wikipedia operates, a large amount of readily available information about Prem Rawat does not appear in the Wikipedia articles; in addition even material that is allowed under Wikipedia rule’s is routinely censored by Wikipedia editors who wish to present a sanitised picture of Prem Rawat and his followers.

One of the most bankrupt positions adopted by Wikipedia editors involves what Wikipedia terms ‘exceptional claims’. The contorted logic often employed to justify exclusion of a reference to a source which is legitimate even in Wikipedia’s own terms, leaves Wikipedia choosing to quote unresearched opinion and even wholly erroneous material simply on the basis that it has been repeated by a number of authors.  Authoritative academic work which has not been ‘log rolled’ is excluded on the basis that it is an exceptional claim.

The Wikipedia articles on Prem Rawat, his father, their supporting organisations and teachings are sourced on a very limited range of academics, with the bulk of references being made to authors who have links to the cult apologist organisation CESNUR[1], [2] Much of the Wikipedia material about Prem Rawat is based on an unreferenced biography published by Prem Rawat’s followers and heavily promoted on followers’ web-sites

The following articles have been created so that anyone interested in finding out about Prem Rawat can have access to the widest possible sources of information. Unlike Wikipedia these articles do include elements of 'original research'. Links to a wide range of original and secondary sources are also given, and where relevant a link to Wikipedia is provided for comparative reference. The website Ex-Premie.Org (EPO) provides a substantial archive of legal documents, correspondence, media publication, research and discussion, EPO is referenced widely in the following articles, primarily as an archive, not the source of authorship.

An excellent deconstruction of Wikipedia’s treatment of Prem Rawat as a subject can be read at:

 Maharaji's Divinity: False Academic Denial


Wikipedia: False presentation of academic writing about Prem Rawat

Sources: Relevant academic writings excluded from Wikipedia

Referenced articles about Prem Rawat that are free from censorship and misrepresentation.

Prem Rawat: An uncensored history

Hans Rawat: Beliefs and teachings of an Advait Mat Guru

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[1] Massimo Introvigne, CESNUR's founder


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