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The Appeal of the Lord of the Universe

The Prem Rawat money-go-round is on full throttle as his legitimacy circus comes to London.  Rawat long ago lost out in the famous guru stakes and these days keeps himself in the public eye by a Lady Bountiful sleight of hand. To avoid actually parting with his personal wealth Rawat has his few remaining devotees donate their own cash to his tame charity vehicle The Prem Rawat Foundation.  A few high profile grants are then made, fortuitously confusing the Foundation with its supposed founder and creating the fiction that Rawat is a great philanthropist.

Rawat’s monopoly money approach to charity has now reached new heights. The UK Charity, Elan Vital, which is run by Rawat’s UK followers, has shifted over £85,000 of UK charitable funds to the US based Prem Rawat Foundation, now the Foundation is pledging to shift back £25,000 to the UK.  The cost of Rawat coming to London to ‘support’ the Lord Mayor’s Appeal will include fuelling, maintenance and co pilot for Rawat’s private jet, all of which will exceed the £25,000 pledged to the Lord Mayor by a wide margin and will be met from donations to his foundation, the UK charity or his US based Elan Vital church. But as Mr Rawat can tell us all, legitimacy commands a high price.


The Lord Mayors Appeal

Voluntary Service Overseas

London Evening Standard Article dated May 31, 2007.


Evening Standard article on Prem Rawat May 31st, 2007

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