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During 2004 and early 2005 Prem Rawat was 'interviewed' by Burt Wolf, a well known TV presenter based in Seattle.  The resultant DVD created by TPRF represents the latest wheeze by Prem Rawat to garner as much respectability as possible by trying to associate himself with public figures.  It is not clear to the authors of this website how Prem Rawat was able to convince Burt Wolf to provide such a halographic presentation of himself as depicted in the interview. The authors of this website would welcome any views on how this occurred.

The Burt Wolf DVD will be sold in the near future by TPRF via Amazon.com, entitled "Inner Journey: A Spirited Conversation About Self-discovery".

A former follower of Prem Rawat (a.k.a. Maharaji) has written the following open letter to Burt Wolf.  To date Burt Wolf has not seen fit to answer the letter.

Dear Mr. Wolf:

I am writing to you as a former follower of Prem Rawat (aka Maharaji, "Guru Maharaj Ji" and "Lord of the Universe" ). I was a devotee of Mr. Rawat from 1973 to 1983, and lived in Mr. Rawat's ashrams in various cities in the USA for 9 of those 10 years, living under Mr. Rawat's directions of poverty, chastity and obedience. I used the word "devotee" because that is how Mr. Rawat described his followers, and taught that his followers were to surrender and devote their lives to him as the living "Perfect Master" of our time, and in fact, Mr. Rawat repeatedly described himself as the living incarnation of God on Earth, the equivalent of Jesus Christ or Krishna, only greater.

Thousands of young people joined Mr. Rawat's cult in the 70s, many, including me, becoming renunciates, giving all our money and talents to Mr. Rawat, and as you may have noticed, Mr. Rawat has become fabulously wealthy off the backs of his followers, notwithstanding claims of Mr. Rawat being a "successful investor" he in fact gained his money which he "invested" from his devotees, under the pretense that he was God on Earth.

Many of Rawat's former followers are very concerned that Mr. Rawat has attempted to re-shape his image, pretending that he never made divine claims, and essentially deleting from his history the period 1972 to 1995. I hope that you are not an unwitting participant in that revisionism. But moreover, more than just showing people "peace," which is essentially nothing more than 4 meditation techniques that are widely available, Mr. Rawat actually heads a personality cult, and many of his followers, mostly Middle-aged from the 70s continue to believe he is God and continue to kiss his feet in ceremonies over which Mr. Rawat presides.

Many of us also believe that the ideology that Mr. Rawat teaches is in fact dysfunctional, teaching that the human mind prevents happiness, and in fact is a separate, diabolical power that is out to prevent personal fulfillment. Hence, the constant need for Mr. Rawat, even after one receives knowledge.

You may know this history, but I feel it is important to point it out to you, as I am concerned that you have become part of Mr. Rawat's PR campaign to try to get new followers, something he had been virtually unable to do in the West in the past 20 years, and in fact has lost more followers than he has gained.

For more information on this, please check out a website put together by former followers of Mr. Rawat at:




You might also note that Prem Rawat's organization refers to people like me, indeed anyone who openly is critical of Mr. Rawat as a "hate group." This in itself is an indication that Mr. Rawat is likely a cult leader, who cannot, and will not accept criticism, feedback, and will not address damage or mistakes, even from former followers who gave him years of their lives.

You may see the attacks on former followers at http://www.elanvital.com.au/faq/idx/11/0/

I assure you, the allegations on that website are lies.

Attached is a picture of Mr. Rawat from the late 70s, when he was actively claiming to be God.

By the way, I have often watched and enjoyed your food travel show on my local PBS station, KQED in San Francisco.


Joe Whalen

San Francisco, California, USA


Prem Rawat - Guru Maharaj Ji - The Lord All-Powerful

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