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Is peace really possible in today's chaotic world?

Madison residents interested in an answer may want to sample an award-winning program entitled “Words of Peace” on WYOU Public Access Cable Channel 4.

The broadcast, seen on Tuesdays at 5 pm, repeating Wednesdays at 5 am, features international speaker Prem Rawat, widely known as Maharaji, who says that peace is already within and that it can be felt regardless of circumstances.

“A beautiful promise and possibility exists for the peace that lies—not away from us, but inside us, ”Maharaji says. “That peace lies in our hearts, where we can get in touch with it every day.”

Channel 4 is one of 60 local cable stations in North America currently broadcasting “Words of Peace” to more than 100 communities. In each instance, the show is produced by local volunteers.

According to east side resident Tom Giles who is producing the program locally, “Words of Peace” has been airing in Madison since December of 2003. Says Giles, “I was feeling a real urge to have others exposed to this message that I’ve found so valuable in my life. I approached WYOU with my program proposal, and it was accepted. I’ve discovered WYOU to be such a wonderful asset to the community that I volunteer at the station several hours each week, and am now on the Board of Directors as well.”

WYOU is one of hundreds of local public access stations around the world that air shows that feature Prem Rawat’s insight and humor.

In Brazil, the show has received that government’s highest honor from The Brazilian Association of Community Television Channels. According to The Prem Rawat Foundation, the show will soon be added to all of Brazil’s community channels via satellite and UHF.

Recorded information about Madison’s local broadcast of “Words of Peace” is available at 442-5336. For information about Maharaji and his addresses, visit www.contactinfo.net.